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Status: REJECTED (Class temporarily full)
Submitted on: Feb 01, 2015 at 02:02 PM




Real ID or Btag Info


Race and Class
Blood Elf Paladin
Main Spec


Off Spec


DPS or Healing Parse Link

Don't really have one as ret as I primarily Prot.

Please describe why you are interested in Unholy Aura, and why you feel you would make a good addition to our community.

The character listed is one of two that I truly enjoy playing. I was hardcore into raiding years ago but school and family issues got in the way and am looking to get back into the raiding environment that is WoW today. From reputation UA is a fun yet driven guild that I would love to be able to learn from and hopefully contribute to. I know I am not really cut out for the main raid team but more looking to progress and became a top tier raider once again with more time available to play. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks for your consideration.

PS: I work on an inner city ambulance so no where the chat goes would be upsetting

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We currently have a pally tank, and running two would most likely be a bad idea.
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