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Submitted on: Dec 09, 2014 at 01:55 PM


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Tauren Warrior
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Please describe why you are interested in Unholy Aura, and why you feel you would make a good addition to our community.

If I'm right.. it seems this guild was formed around 2005? I respect that... I've been playing with the same people/friends since 04. It's come to the point where we, close friends still playing the game, do not have enough to raid.

Including me, there are about 3 others that are highly skilled players that would like to come along. Though your recruit pages are not asking for these classes. We just want to play with other skilled players.

Mythic raiding isn't too much on SOME of our radars. I, myself, can make those times with ease. Playing a backup isn't something we are opposed too. Surely you guys will be clearing heroic every week for upgrades. Being used only for casual/alt heroics would be fine for us... we just want to play with equal skilled players.

I'll give you a little bit of history.. this history is basically the same as the others that will follow. Started off Alliance-Arthas. Retribution.. the real ret... later moving to Nathrezim forming TheCore... Server firsts in everything till BC. TheCore forming into Stack and Die.. later forming to Men's Wearhouse. Moved to Illidan horde... server first 10 man early start in Cata... quitting soon after... Cata was a downfall for us. Coming back up in Mop as casual.. Clearing 14/14H. I was recently a member of Royal Militia on KT before coming to blackhand. I choose to play with some friends that activated for WoD.

Guild achieves, Top US 30 in BC/LK. Cata us 40 10M.

Those logs were taking last week... and as you can see.. there are many bads in our guild. Some are friends that's been around forever... just don't have the heart to tell them how bad they are since the focus of this guild in WoD was just to play casual.

Seeing how well WoD is going.. it's sparked more interest in raiding higher.

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I'll do a speed test at home, I'm currently at work.


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I've recently upgraded the BS weapon to t3 and other items before those logs were recorded.. so it should be even better this week.
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