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Submitted on: Nov 28, 2014 at 06:24 PM


Real ID

Swag#1100 don't judge

Race and Class
Tauren Druid
Main Spec


Off Spec

Feral is more geared and my current OS, haven't tried boom yet but heard it's OP so I might swap it

DPS or Healing Parse Link

N/A haven't raided seriously since wrath, I'm good though got multiple CMs done

Please describe why you are interested in Unholy Aura, and why you feel you would make a good addition to our community.

I am interested in UA because you are #1 on our server and that piques my interest. I also strive to be #1 in just about everything I do; but especially in WoW. This game went from shit to fucking awesome this expansion and I'd love to kill shit with a good group of guys who are also amazing at this game. Judging from a few of your members current gear, CM times, and previous content clearing abiltiies, I feel like I would fit in well here. As far as how I will benefit your guild, I absolutely guarantee I will be among the top 3 healers for every single fight. In the event that I wasn't #1, I would immediately figure out why I'm not, and then become #1 again. I may seem arrogant, but I like to back it up with numbers. As far as my personality goes, I'm a pretty chill/funny guy who you wouldn't expect to be this competitive. I also work well as a team and know what it takes to be the best in group activities (raiding, CMs, etc.) I have been healing for several years now as a Resto druid and I don't plan on changing that. As of right now I have pug'd a personal best time of 27:46 for CM Rails, with your CM grp holding a record of 27:20 (would have beaten it but the goddamn hunter pulled an extra pack when I needed to drink, lol) and completed UBRS with a bronze medal. I've completed the rest of the CMs except slag/auch but those are easy so whatever. Anyway, to wrap all this up, I'm an excellent player and a good team member and I always strive to be #1. I also have the time to commit to progression that this guild requires. Any other questions feel free to PM me.
P.S. for my gear link, I don't have all my epics equipped that I would raid with, I just have the better gear for CMs equipped since everything is scaled to 630.

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