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Rocie / May 26, 2012
Recruitment is OPEN!

We are looking for a one skilled Ranged DPS with solid attendance, stable internet connections, and machines capable of playing in a 20 man Mythic format.

*We will seriously consider any DPS classes for the right fit to our environment & play-style. If you feel like you would make a good addition to our team, feel free to drop off an app OR contact myself or Kormie.*

Current Progression:

6/7 Mythic HM
7/7 Heroic HM
7/7 Normal HM

Previous Awesomeness:


25 Man- 14/14 Heroic SoO.

Realm First Guild Achievement for Heroic Garrosh Hellscream 25 Man.


10 Man-14/14 Heroic SoO.

Realm First Guild Achievement for Heroic Garrosh Hellscream 10 Man.

13/13 Heroic ToT.

Realm First Achievement for Heroic Ra-den.

Currently the #1 Horde Raid Team On Blackhand server.

A little About UA:

UnholyAura of Blackhand (PvE and CST) is a stable, long running guild, 9 years and going strong. Newly homed to Blackhand a little over a year ago from Whisperwind server. We are a competitive progression raid guild focused on clearing content in a timely manner while still trying to have a good time.

Generally, our environment is laid back, low key, and we like to have fun while progressing. However, when it's time to work, it is time to work. We enjoy progression, and strive to be among the best on our server. Our current guild member age range is 20-Mid 30s.

Incoming Feel Trip:

We are a close knit group of friends, many of us have played together for years in WoW, and other games as well. Over the years our raid team has melded into a true group of friends, something that is RARE to come across in any gaming environment. We enjoy raiding together in WoW, playing other games together, and just enjoy spending time together. It is truly an environment that I enjoy being part of every day.


**UA is NOT a PG-13 Environment. Mumble gets weird. Our environment may not suit everyone. In fact, I KNOW it does not suit everyone. If you are easily offended by off-color humor, adult themes, or adult language then UA may not be the perfect environment for you.**

Progression Raiding Schedule:

8:30-11:30 PM CST Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, Monday.


Loot Council.

Two week loot trail period minimum for all applicants who may be brought to Mythic raiding. During this two week period, I want to know if I like you enough to not suffocate you during raid, and you need to prove you belong here. You will not be eligible for loot unless loot is on free roll in a Normal or Heroic format, or Mythic gear is rotting or being D/Eed.

What We Need From Raid Applicants:

100% Attendance. This Is ESSENTIAL And Mandatory For Solid Progression
110% Focus
Possess Critical Thinking Skills and Ingenuity
Possess Good Raid Awareness
Treat The Members Of Your Raid Team With Respect
Have Mumble, And A Working Microphone
We Have A No Drama Policy. You Will Be Removed For Upsetting Our Environment, Or If You Can Not Preform/Exist Within Ours. This includes rage quit/rage AFKs this is not tolerated on any level, and you will be kicked if this occurs.
675 ilv with some current Mythic and Heroic Experience. Past Heroic/Mythic Exp a plus.

Contact Information:

You can contact myself or Kormie for a Mumble interview OR you can submit your application to our forum.

Real ID(Rocie):
BattleTag(Rocie): Rocie#1628

Real ID(Kormie):
BattleTag(Kormie): zack#1745

Thanks for taking a look at UA.
Love, Rocie